At Anchor Air Conditioning of Tampa Bay, we structure our business to meet the highest industry standards and surpass the expectations of our customers. Our goal is 100% satisfaction. With licensed AC experts you won’t be disappointed.


Saving You Money on AC Service and Repair

Have you had a HVAC contractor tell you that you need expensive replacements or upgrades? At Anchor Air Conditioning, our goal is to find the solutions you need while staying within your budget.

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Certified Indoor Air Environmentalists

Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, which is why the indoor air quality is so important. Because HVAC systems re-circulate air, they play a major part in indoor air quality.

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A Trustworthy AC Company in Tampa

We have been serving the Tampa area with reliable AC, heat pump, pool pump, furnace, and air quality services since 2009. We are proud of our record and encourage you to read online reviews of

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Indoor Air Quality

Unfortunately for residents, Tampa’s air quality ranks as one of the worst in the country and has received an “F” rating from the American Lung Association.   This alone is alarming, but even more concerning is the fact that indoor air is often worse than outdoor air.

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