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Service Repair

Why is it that your AC always seems to break down on the hottest day of the year? At Anchor Air Conditioning, we understand what a nuisance, and even danger, it can be to go without air conditioning. We make sure that you never have to suffer the heat for long with our reliable, 24/7 AC repair services. With knowledgeable Class A Licensed technicians and affordable prices, you will see for yourself why we have become a top-rated AC service company in Tampa.

Why Choose Us for AC Service and Repair in Tampa?

  1. Class A Licensed and IICRC Certified
  2.  All makes and models of HVAC systems serviced
  3.  We honor AC warranties, even when we didn’t install the system
  4.  A+ rating with the BBB
  5.  Dedicated to serving Tampa residents since 2009
  6. Friendly, knowledgeable technicians
  7. Free estimates and honest pricing policy
  8.  Free mold inspections
  9. 24/7 emergency services

Tampa’s Leading AC Experts

Air conditioning systems are complex pieces of machinery.  Whether something has gone wrong with your AC, you are interested in upgrading, or you need routine maintenance, you want to make sure that an expert is handling the job.  You can trust Anchor Air Conditioning with all things AC.  We are Class A Certified to work on all types and sizes of AC systems, including large multi-home and commercial AC systems.  Our expertise means that we are able to diagnose AC problems faster, get repairs completed efficiently, and save you money.

24/7 AC Services

Having a working air conditioning system isn’t just a matter of comfort. According to the CDC, there is an average of 618 heat-related deaths per year in the United States.  Very young children and the elderly are particularly at risk of heat-related illness and mortality.  Don’t put yourself or your family at risk just because your AC has broken down on a weekend or holiday.  We are available 24/7 for immediate AC repair services.  We always arrive with replacement parts for common AC problems.  In the event that a special replacement part is needed, we have partner companies so we can get the part quickly.

Warranties On All AC Parts

You shouldn’t ever have to pay to replace the same part twice!  We make sure that our repairs last by  using only top-quality replacement parts.  All AC replacement parts are backed by some of the longest warranties in the industry.  If you experience a problem with the same part, we will come back and repair it for you for free.

AC Upgrades and Replacements

Is your AC unit more than 10 years old and frequently breaking down?  It may be time to replace your AC unit.  We are experts in AC replacement services in Tampa, including AC upgrades and retrofitting.  Our team will help you choose an AC system which is right for your needs.  Our focus is always to make sure you stay comfortable while minimizing operating costs.  By ensuring that the AC system is sized properly (using Manual J load calculations) and ducts are sealed and placed optimally, we can help you save money on your utility bills.  We can also help you understand other energy-saving AC option such as zoning, programmable thermostats, and more.

AC Maintenance and Tune-Ups

Just like how your car needs to be tuned up regularly, so does your AC system.  Without proper routine car, such as having moving parts lubricated and filters changed, your AC system can quickly wear out and experience major problems like breakdowns.  In addition, routine AC maintenance is required to keep your AC system working efficiently.  When we tune up your AC system, we make sure everything is working optimally so costly breakdowns are prevented and you increase efficiency.  In fact, we are so confident in our AC maintenance services that we offer a guarantee: our AC maintenance will save you at least $79 on your yearly utility bills!  If not, then you will get a refund.

Free Mold Inspections

Because of the high humidity levels in Tampa, mold is a common problem.  Air conditioning systems can sometimes breed mold, such as when there are leaks within the system or when uneven cooling causes condensation and moisture problems. At Anchor Air Conditioning, we understand what a serious health risk mold is.  As part of our commitment to customers, we offer free mold inspections.  While you are having your AC system serviced, have our technicians perform the free complete mold inspection of the AC unit as well as ducts.  If mold is suspected, we will send samples to our partner lab for identification. If mold is found, then we will give you a free report on recommendations of how to deal with the problem.

Need a Second Opinion?

Have you received a high price quote for AC repair, or just want to make sure the first AC repair company got the diagnosis right?  We understand the importance of due diligence and want to help by offering free second opinions with our internet coupon.   Just check our internet specials page to get the coupon as well as other money-saving deals on our AC services.